Japan Away Shirt 2016 Kids Kit

Japan football has yet to make much of an impression on the world stage, despite Hidetoshi Nakata’s having made his mark with Perugia and Roma in Italy’s Serie A.

Football introduced to Japan within ten years after the foundation of the Football Association (FA), with matches taking place between some English teachers and their pupils in Tokyo and among Western sailors in Kobe in 1871.

Adidas Japan K.K and Japan Football Association (JFA) unveil the latest football kits of Japan national football team officially, helping them performing well in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

You could buy high-quality and cheap kids kit of Japan football shirt from Fc Kingdom. The latest away shirt takes “individual blue” as its theme following the tradition of previous white away shirt. Unique drawings on football shirts stand for the hues of diamonds, symbolizing individual characters of eleven football players. The symbolic three stripes for triumph haven’t appear on the cuffs for the first time, and striking white three stripes run the length of football shirt, matching shorts.

Football kits manufactured by Adizero technology are 10% lighter than that of national football team in World Cup 2014. The whole back of football shirt adopts ultra-ventilate cloth aiming to release heat in sports event quickly, following the trend of modern football.

As the sacred bird in Japanese traditional culture and the guidance to the 2018 World Cup Russia, a golden feather of sacred sunbird which has three legs is knitted into the interior of collar, adding magic power into this football shirt.

Japan Shirt 20th Anniversary Blue

Adidas Japan K.K and Japan Football Association unveils the latest football shirt in the memory of the great success reached 20 years ago. At that time, Japan national football team reached the final of World Cup. New football shirt reappears the classic shape of famous football shirt with football decorative flames pattern. New football shirt with decorative flames pattern hopes that Japan national football team will achieve great success again.

On November 16, 1997, Japan defeated Iran national football team, reaching the final of World Cup. That great success makes the whole Japan addicted to a happy and triumphant emotion. Until now, it is also a memorable instant for many people. It is in the competition that the Japan national football team was in classic football kit with decorative flames pattern. New generation football shirt with decorative flames pattern reappears the classic design of 20 years ago – blue football shirt and classic flames pattern.

Under the concise white round neck, there is a fiery red triangle, matching three white stripes on both sides, modern fashion expression of Adidas.

New Japan football shirt makes player faster on field and enjoys more comfortable experience. Adopting super light materials, it provides more freedom for players without damage its flexibility and elasticity, enhancing the breathability of football shirt.

On the other hands, limited football kit takes the advantages of vent, breathable material and material, unique seamless technology aiming to keep players away from moisture.

New football kit is made from renewable polyester, reducing the emission of carbon dioxide and impacts on environment. So, it plays an important role in the environment protection and sustainability promotion project of Adidas

Japan Home Shirt 2014

Adidas Japan K.K and the Japanese Football Association unveil the latest football kit at 9:11 a.m. (local time) on November 11, 2014. Players will wear entirely new football kits present at the warm-up match for the first time on November 16, 2014.

Having taken “circular array” as a design theme, “an end to end line” symbolizing previous football kit are embroidered on back. The line written by writing brush presents deep emotion between football fans and players, and strong wishes to victory.

When football players on field stand in a circle, this line will form a big ring. Main color of new Japan football shirt returns to traditional blue. The left chest adopts eleven lines diffused from the center of emblem, presenting every player distributed to every corner of field after organizing a “circular array”. “An end to end line” on back and cuffs are fluorescent. The fiery red is bright than any previous football kit, promoting the existence feeling of football players.

Same with the previous football shirt, it inherits pattern of Japan national flag – the DNA of each generation football shirt. Yarn made from the football kit is reweaved from the old football kits worn by members of Japan national football team.

Home shorts and socks are all navy blue. Integrated blue makes players in football shirt could be recognized more easily. Fluorescent red pervades up and down, with middle part severed by eleven strings.